The Advocacy Program

What is it?

Our Advocacy Program is tailored to your child's needs. We believe children with learning differences need a personalized program adjusted to their learning preferences and abilities. By making learning adjustments we are able to teach your child to advocate for their needs, believe they can achieve great things and conquer their learning differences. 


How It Works?

  • Contract with private schools to provide in-class accommodations and modifications for children with learning differences (diagnosed or undiagnosed)

  • We contract to provide testing for ISP, I.Q. and 504 accommodation plans

  • Provide contacts for community counseling as needed

  • Provide weekly communication with teachers and parents

  • Ongoing support for families as they walk the journey of having a child with learning differences

  • Provide a safe place to make mistakes and learn

  • Encourage and teach children how to advocate for themselves and their individual needs

  • Tailor a program that works to make the classroom a successful place for the student and teacher

Join us in building a YOUnique Bridge to your child’s future