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Academic Modifications

Many students thrive in an environment where they have accommodations and modifications.

The environment we provide at KB Academy naturally offers multiple accommodations so students thrive. 


Our school’s culture embodies:

  •  Joyful Collaboration to encourage students to work together with peers and their teachers

  • Relentless Optimism where we encourage your child to continue trying while pursuing their goals/dreams

  • Creative Focus to encourage students to look for outside-the-box ways to reach their goals

We daily incorporate these modifications for our students:

  • Frequent breaks for new knowledge to be stored and to get the “wiggles” out

  • Positive reinforcement and encouragement

  • Teachers and staff who strive to know, understand, respect, and encourage their unique personalities

  • Clear, concise communication for home day assignments 

  • Variety of learning styles recognized and honored

If your child needs academic modifications due to learning differences or struggles, KB Academy can assist your child with certain changes. We provide an A.I.M. Plan (Academic Individual Modification Plan) for students who need additional support to thrive in the classroom.

At this time KB Academy is qualified to offer to following minor classroom modifications or things similar to those listed below:

  • Complete work or tests in a different manner

  • Prove knowledge gained in varied ways

  • Modified or alternate projects or assignments

  • Classroom placement to allow proper support and encourage growth

  • Learning assistants: like Calculators, talk-to-text, word banks


** If your child needs a one-on-one paraprofessional or classroom assistant, we are unable to offer that level of assistance at this time, due to staffing. Due to the variants in the spectrum of learning needs, if you are unsure if KB Academy is able to meet your child’s needs, please call us!

We do not discriminate against students and families, but instead feel deeply that it is unethical to accept students who need a level of attention that we are not able to provide at this time.

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