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KB Academic Overview

Elementary In-School
Daily Snapshot

Start of Day

Car Line Drop-off

  • Drop-off 8:45-9:00


  • Short Devotional

  • Pledge to the American Flag & Bible

  • Team Building & Active Games

Academic Time

  • Content Learning through hands-on activities, reading, writing, discussions

  • Math, Grammar & Writing, Literature, Science, Social Studies and Bible

  • Recess & Lunch Breaks

  • Specials covering Art, Music and PE

End of Day

  • School-wide Clean Up

  • Students assist with cleaning the building before leaving

Car Line Dismissal

  • 3:45 - 3:55

Elementary At-Home
Daily Snapshot

  • Students complete work at home following grids, or lesson plans assigned by their teachers. Parents see what they studied in class on their seated day prior and then complete assignments at home.

  • Teacher's are required to set work hours during  home days so students and parents are able to get help as needed during their home days.

  • ​Elementary students  on average  should spend no more than 2.5 to 3 hours on homework during their home days.


  • Students bring home binders daily with their grids and assignments so they have what they need for each home day and then turn their assignments in when they come back to school. 

Academic Overview

Every student attends core classes on Monday and Wednesday at school and reinforces their learning in those classes at home on Tuesday and Thursday by following teacher-created assignment plans. On Fridays, we utilize rotations to learn in Math and English, extra-curricular areas like practical/fine arts, physical education/health, Team Work, Book Club, Storytelling, Nature Class, Leadership and Bible Study etc...


KB Academy is designed to prepare your child for life throughout their educational career, whether they graduate and go to the workforce, attend tech school, a two-year college, or a four-year college. Each student will receive grade reports and transcripts (High School students) valid for submission to employers, or higher learning institutions.

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