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KB Academics

Educational Beliefs

We believe school should be first and foremost Biblically true, have rich curriculum that is historically accurate, and a loving environment where kids flourish and have fun. Through the incorporation of hands on learning and a scaffolding teaching method students can be very successful in understanding concepts before moving to new material.  We also believe in giving our kids room to breathe, minimal homework and flexible testing methods that give our kids the freedom to choose the way they want to prove what they have learned. 

While we are not accredited, we do ensure that each child meets the Missouri Learning Standards through a Biblical worldview. We believe education is about life-long learning, not just completing courses in school.  We prepare students for life after school, while maintaining the flexibility for them to "just be kids." 

Weekly Snapshot


Attend seated classes at The Springs Church covering core curricular learning


Learn at home following teacher-created assignment plans


Attend seated classes at The Springs Church covering core curricular learning


Learn at home following teacher-created assignment plans


Attend K-Day covering Math and English (rotational basis) and with extra-curricular and Life Skills Learning

School Culture

The absolute BEST thing about school at KB Academy is hearing the laughter of our students filling our classrooms and hallways.  Our culture of relentless optimism, joyful collaboration, and creative focus allow our students, teachers and staff to thrive. This culture is an absolute priority. 

This commitment to our culture has created an atmosphere of deep connection and friendships within our student body.  We are not just a school, but instead, we are a community and family. 

Our classrooms are a warm, nurturing and inviting space where students feel safe and encouraged to try new things, wrestle with new knowledge and spread their wings as they grow.   

Konnect in Kare (K.I.K.) Program

Each family at KB Academy is an integral part of their child's educational journey.  We desire for parents to collaborate with us as a school to provide the highest level of education possible. The K.I.K. Program allows families to support their child's educational process and KB Academy. Each family is required to provide K.I.K. hours.

Single-parent households provide 12 K.I.K. hours a year while dual-parent households provide 24 K.I.K. hours a year. 

K.I.K. hours can be attained in multiple ways, some of the most common

are: Lunch Monitor, Science Assistant, Teacher's Helper, Parent Life Organizer, or Purchasing Supplies from the KB wish list ($10 of supplies = 1 K.I.K. hour).

A detailed list of ways you can support your child and KB Academy will be

provided to families upon enrollment. 

**Options for full-time working parents are available.**

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